Laundry Care Instructions (Non Flame Resistant Fabrics)

Washer Settings

Laundry Care Key

Associated Water Temperature

Industrial Wash Do not recommend more than 165°
Light Soil Wash 140° wash maximum is light soil formulas
Home Wash 120° or less in 6lb. load machine such as used at home.
Dry Clean Only Professional dry cleaning

1. DO NOT USE: Detergents with Bleach such as Tide w/ Bleach
2. Motor Oil and Grease Stain Removal Tips - See bottom of page.

Dryer Temperature Settings
For clothing that contains Polyester or other synthetic fibers it is recommended for best results to use low or medium dryer temperature settings. Polyester and other synthetic fibers can be damaged by using too high of a heat setting. Do not dry on High!

Motor Oil and Grease Stain Removal Tips for NON - FR Clothing
1. Using a paper towel, blot at the grease stain, using a lifting motion, until no more of the stain comes off on the paper towel. If applicable.
2. Treat and presoak stain a couple of hours before washing. Something like Spray n' Wash, Wisk, or Resolve. This will help loosen the stain. Before washing, you may need to work the fabric by hand or a soft brush to work the presoak into the fabric.
3. Wash the item as per the directions found on the care tag.
4. When washed, air dry the fabric by either laying flat or hanging from a clothes line. DO NOT place in the dryer until you are sure the stain is completely gone, if any stain remains the heat from the dryer will set the stain and it will be virtually impossible to remove.

*Do Not place the garment into the dryer before the stain is completely removed, line dry if need be. Once the stain is dried with heat, it's pretty much set for life. Remember, always wash work clothes separate from the regular household laundry.